Total Transformation Program

About the Program

Stop worrying about dementia and do something about it

Do you want to stop worrying about dementia and be confident you’re doing all you can to reduce your risk? 


In this 90-day transformational journey, you will become a warrior for your health. By the end of week one, your natural ability to learn and succeed will be unleashed. At the end of the program, you will feel better, look better, have more energy, and be on track to dramatically reduce your dementia risk!

The Worrier2Warrior signature coaching program includes 12 weeks of in-depth course modules, individual coaching, and group coaching sessions. Thanks to my proprietary approach, you will see results immediately!

You will begin by learning the basics of integrative wellness and dementia risk reduction. In week two, you will discover your own unique dementia risk profile according to my Eight Pillars of Wellness: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Brain Training, Stress Management, Toxic Exposure, Roles & Connection, and Passion & Purpose. Starting in week three, you will dive deeper into each pillar to understand why it affects dementia risk and how to bring more balance and energy into areas you want to improve. During the final two weeks of the program, you will pull it all together and walk away with a workable plan to create a lifestyle of vibrant good health and whole-person wellness.


Worrier2Warrior is designed to empower you to turn great ideas and exciting "ah-ha moments" into deep and lasting change.  Working from the inside-out as well as the outside-in, you will move beyond the conscious mind and begin building good habits and dismantling bad ones. It is about more than just learning new stuff.  It's about transforming the way you approach life, your health, and your whole self. 

If you are ready to stop worrying about dementia and do something about it, sign up or schedule your free discovery session today!

What results can I expect?

  • Set achievable health and lifestyle goals that support the health of your brain

  • Increase knowledge about making choices that reduce your risk of dementia 

  • Build confidence and develop a healthy relationship with your body

  • Learn ways to introduce more self-care into your life

  • Achieve harmony in your thought life and thought patterns and learn how to effectively manage stress

  • Get freedom from negative emotions and be able to process and release them in a healthy way

  • Discover vibrant physical health and build a solid foundation for conscious aging

  • Create meaningful connections and live each day with passion and purpose

The Worrier2Warrior Total Transformation Program Includes:

  • Weekly 60-minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions (12 total) online or via phone at a time that suits your schedule

  • Weekly group coaching sessions online or via phone for extra energy and inspiration

  • Online learning modules plus downloadable templates and handouts so you don’t miss a thing

  • Wellness journal reviews and recommendations

  • Access to the W2W private, client-only Facebook group page

  • Support between coaching sessions via email, text, or WhatsApp

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